Crafting Excellence: Precision Talent for the Manufacturing World

Rooted in Passion and Personal Connection: Level M Recruiting is not just a firm; it’s a manifestation of passion and personal connection to the manufacturing industry. Founded by Matt Cybularz, the motivation behind Level M stems from deep personal ties to the manufacturing world. Matt grew up in a blue-collar family, drawing inspiration from his father, who devotedly worked for a significant manufacturing company and managed a team of over 70 employees. This firsthand exposure to the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of the manufacturing sector instilled in Matt an unwavering dedication to the industry.

Championing the Manufacturing Backbone: There’s no denying that manufacturing was once the backbone of America. While many lament the decline of manufacturing plants over the years, at Level M, we choose to focus on the thriving manufacturing companies that still anchor the American economy. Our passion is fueled by the desire to support these companies, recognizing the incredible opportunities they present and the industrious individuals they employ. Our deep understanding of the industry’s nuances and the caliber of talent it requires is what sets Level M apart from the competition.

Rapid Response Meets Manufacturing’s Pace: The manufacturing sector is characterized by its rapid pace, a trait Level M Recruiting Group mirrors in its approach to recruitment. We understand the urgency intrinsic to the manufacturing world. Our commitment is to match this pace every step of the way. Whether it’s answering client calls immediately when we’re available or responding to emails with impressive speed, our agility ensures that our clients never miss a beat. This swift responsiveness, combined with our profound knowledge of the industry, positions us as the ideal partner for manufacturing recruitment.

In essence, Level M Recruiting Group doesn’t just recruit for the manufacturing industry; we champion it. Drawing on personal connections, a profound understanding of the sector, and a rapid response approach, we proudly stand as the go-to firm for manufacturing recruitment. If you seek a partner who values the manufacturing world as deeply as you do, Level M is the answer.


We have a client retention rate of 95% over the last 4 years. We are extremely proud and appreciate the lasting relationships we’ve formed through business.

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